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Mold isn't just gross to look at, but it's also unhealthy to have in your home. By keeping your home clean, you can improve your chances of mold prevention. But that doesn't mean that clean homes don't have these problems. Flooded basements, broken pipes, and humid temperatures can all lead to an ideal space for mold to grow, often in places you can't even see. If you think you may have a mold problem, call Liberty Restoration.

Our mold services are tested to fully eradicate mold from your property. Additionally, we'll perform remediation work to prevent mold growth in the future. Fight and prevent mold in your home by reading our lists below. Find professional mold removal in Salt Lake Cty call Liberty Restoration.

Mold Remediation Do's and Don'ts


  • Call a certified Utah mold removal and remediation professional to get an expert assessment of your mold issues.
  • Make sure a professional mold inspection is completed before going near any contaminated area.
  • Prevent any water from leaking onto the contaminated area.
  • Handle any important documents that have been contaminated carefully to keep spores from spreading.
  • For contaminated carpets, try using a wet vac or steam cleaner. Make sure the area is fully ventilated until it is completely dry. These procedures will not completely eradicate the mold, but will keep it from spreading.


  • Don't touch or attempt to clean up large amounts of mold growth. This could cause millions of invisible and dangerous spores to spread.
  • Don't apply bleach to mold. Bleach doesn't only release harmful dioxins, but also evaporates before it can kill viable spores and source colonies. Alternative antimicrobial products are much more effective and safer available.
  • Don't place fans on mold thinking it will go away. This may facilitate the movement of millions of mold spores.

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