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Mold is an unhealthy house guest. By keeping your home clean, you can improve your chances of preventing mold growth. But that doesn't necessarily mean that clean homes don't have these issues. Flooded basements, broken pipes, and balmy temperatures can all provide an ideal space for mold to grow, often in places you can't even see. We can provide professional mold removal services if you encounter a problem like this.

Our restoration experts can provide complete mold removal services to ensure that mold is completely eradicated from your house. In addition, we will perform necessary steps to prevent future mold growth. To see how you can fight mold, read our lists below. Receive professional and affordable mold removal in the Murray area call Liberty Restoration.

The Do's and Don'ts of Mold Remediation


  • Get an expert assessment of all mold issues by calling a certified Utah mold removal and remediation professional.
  • Wait for a professional to complete a proper mold inspection before doing anything near contaminated areas.
  • Keep any water from collecting in the contaminated areas.
  • Handle any important documents that have been contaminated carefully to prevent spores from spreading. Once they have dried completely, use a high-efficiency HEPA vacuum to remove as much mold as possible. Dispose of vacuum contents in fully sealed plastic bags.
  • Use a wet vac or steam cleaner on contaminated carpeting. Until it dries completely, keep the area is fully ventilated. This will help keep mold from spreading.


  • Don't try to clean up mold growth. Spores cannot be seen by the naked eye, and slight disturbances can spread millions of them.
  • DON'T PUT BLEACH ON MOLD. Other antimicrobial products are much safer and more effective available. Bleach releases harmful and won't kill source colonies and spores before evaporating.
  • Don't use fans on mold thinking it will go away. This may facilitate the movement of millions of harmful spores through the air.

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