Holladay Cottonwood Mold Remediation

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Mold can be described in a lot of ways, but one word you won't hear is fun. By cleaning and maintaining your home, you can improve your chances of mold prevention. But that doesn't mean that clean homes don't have these issues. Flooded basements, broken pipes, and balmy temperatures can all provide an ideal space for mold growth. If you believe you may have a problem with mold, call Liberty Restoration.

Our experienced restoration technicians can provide thorough mold removal services to make sure that mold is nowhere to be found in your house. Additionally, we'll take the steps necessary to prevent future mold growth. Check out our list of Dos and Don'ts below for ways to fight mold on your own. Call us today for affordable mold removal in Holladay Cottonwood.

Mold Remediation Do's and Don'ts


  • Call a certified Utah mold removal and remediation professional to get an expert assessment of your mold issues.
  • Make sure a professional mold inspection is completed before spending time in contaminated area.
  • Keep any water away from contaminated areas.
  • Prevent the spreading of spores by carefully handling any contaminated documents.
  • For contaminated carpets, use a wet vac. Steam cleaning may also be helpful. Completely ventilate the area until it has dried thoroughly. Completing these steps won't eliminate all mold, but will go a long way to keep it from spreading.


  • Don't touch or attempt to clean up mold growth. This could cause invisible and dangerous spores to quickly spread in the air.
  • Don't apply bleach to mold. Bleach evaporates before it can kill spores and source colonies. There are far better and safer antimicrobial products available.
  • Don't place fans on mold thinking it will go away. Blowing air onto a mold infested air will disperse tiny spores into the air by the millions.

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