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Salt Lake City Sewage Cleanup

Damage and deterioration to your home can have serious consequences unless the problems are addressed swiftly. Contact Liberty Restoration at 1-888-334-6086 to learn more about our wide-ranging services.

Suffering From an Unanticipated Sewage Backup?

Families or individuals suffering from a sewage backup or contamination problem will quickly realize that treatment and cleanup is not a simple process. A buildup of sewage can have serious effects on the state of your home, as well as your own health. It is important to take swift and effective measures to counteract your sewage problem so that it doesn’t become more dangerous. Sewage cleaning can be a long and difficult process unless you hire the right cleanup services.

Liberty Restoration is an enterprise providing professional home restoration services to residents of the Utah Wasatch Front and Southern Utah. Among the many services we offer are professional sewage cleanup and restoration. If you are struggling with a sewage problem, our professional team is only a phone call away.

How We Go About the Cleanup

Without the right experience and equipment, performing sewage cleanup in a careful and efficient manner, the process can pose serious health risks. Here’s how we conduct our cleanup service.

Typically, sewage water will contain waste material in physical and chemical form. We begin by extracting the physical debris and dirt that makes up the sewage.

Once the physical material is removed, we begin a series of disinfection procedures to treat and neutralize the chemical waste material present in the sewage. The chemical waste material contains several pathogens that could cause Hepatitis A or Salmonella, among other infections.

In some cases, sewage treatment can only begin once the area is dried out. We perform the drying-out and extraction procedures swiftly so that there is no mold or odor buildup.

Proper Household Hygiene

It can be tempting to try to do some of the immediate cleanup yourself while waiting for the professionals to show up. To safeguard your health and the health of your family, it is important to proceed with extreme caution.

  • Keep children and pets far away from contaminated areas.
  • Wear protective clothing when coming into contact with spilled materials or areas. This means waterproof gloves and rubber boots at the bare minimum. Don’t come into direct contact with contaminated items.
  • Clothing and linens should be washed in hot water or taken to a dry-cleaner.
  • Some items are impossible to adequately sanitize after a sewage spill. Most likely, this includes upholstery, carpeting, and mattresses, among other things. Even a small amount of contact can cause dangerous contamination. Sewage is toxic; don’t let sentimental attachments or cost savings endanger your health and safety.
  • It probably goes without saying, but don’t eat any food that might have come into contact with sewage or flood water.
  • Always wash hands thoroughly with soap after being in contaminated areas, as well as before eating, drinking, or preparing food.

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