Liberty Restoration Storm Damage Repair Team

Dangerous storms can be traceable and easy to predict, but preparing for the damage they will cause is not as simple. With the fickle weather across Salt Lake City and throughout Utah, we suggest that you keep a storm damage repair service ready in case worst happens. From intense winds to below-zero temperatures, your house is vulnerable to certain conditions and may need maintenance after these storms strike. When the structural integrity is compromised, the following damage to doors and windows may leave homeowners exposed to harsh storm conditions.

Liberty Restoration serves Salt Lake City and all of Utah. With diverse experience in handling storm damage and home maintenance, you can count on us to remove the damage.

Our Repair Process

Quick action is important when repairing a home damaged by a storm. If incorrectly executed, damaged property is vulnerable to future weather conditions. Before we initiate repairs, we complete a full inspection of the property to make sure we don't leave any of these weak spots unrepaired.

UT has many different climates and with that comes different kinds of storms. So the Liberty Restoration contractors train for any kind of storm damage. We offer service for a range of fixtures, no matter what happened. Our most popular storm damage repair services include:

  • Vinyl Siding Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Window Repair
  • Fallen Limbs & Shrapnel Removal
  • Wiring Maintenance
  • Water Line Maintenance

Call Liberty Restoration Today

If your home falls victim to a storm, contact Liberty Restoration as soon as possible. From our headquarters in St. George and Salt Lake City, we can easily reach anyone in Salt Lake City and across Utah. Our team is trained to help if your home takes on storm damage.