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If your home has sustained fire damage, do not hesitate to get in touch with Liberty Restoration at 888-334-6086 immediately.

For Utah’s most trusted fire and smoke damage restoration contractor, call Liberty Restoration today. Our fire damage crews can be at your Salt Lake City home in an hour or less, ready to start the fire damage cleanup and repair. We also can get the entire property boarded up in no time.

No matter where you live, your home or business may be susceptible to experiencing fire and smoke damage. House fires can quickly spread from room to room and consume everything in their path. Fires will also bring along their constant companions: smoke and soot. These can be even more damaging than the fire itself, as smoke has a way of permeating even the smallest corner or crevice of a home. You don’t need us to tell you that smoke and fire damage can turn your world upside down, and it’s important to be prepared if one of these events happens to you.

By calling Liberty Restoration, you can receive timely house fire restoration and cleanup services for anywhere in the Park City, Orem, Ogden, and Salt Lake City areas. We can assess all the damage that has occurred in your home and help return your home to the way it looked before. This includes removing all debris and reconstructing damaged portions of your home so that your structure will be as strong as ever. We will make sure you are an integral part of the process as we discuss every single repair with you. Don’t let the threat of home fire or smoke damage bring you down; prepare yourself with the help of Liberty Restoration.

Why Call a Professional?

Fires leave behind toxins. Ash is acidic and, if left to its own devices, will corrode, discolor and etch the surfaces in your home in no time. It’s also easily spread, causing further damage. And, of course, the smell of strong smoke takes special efforts to extricate. Time is of the essence if you want to rid your home of all signs that the fire damage ever occurred. If you wait a week or two before cleanup, you may have to completely replace not just carpeting, but even metals and glass.

Fire & Smoke Damage Dos and Don’ts


  • First, call Liberty Restoration for fast response in Salt Lake City and across the Wasatch Front.
  • Protect any chrome, such as trim on faucets and other brightwork, by washing with detergent and applying a coating of Vaseline or oil.
  • Try to remove smoke particles from upholstery, draperies and carpeting with a brush-vacuum.
  • If weather permits, open windows for ventilation.
  • Empty refrigerators and freezers if electricity is shut off, and prop doors open to allow air circulation.
  • In winter, pour antifreeze in all drains and toilets to prevent freezing.
  • Call a plumber to drain and blow out all water lines if heat is off in winter.
  • Remove pets to a clean environment if heavy fire residues are present.
  • Have Liberty Restoration board up all windows and doors.


  • Don’t wipe or attempt to wash fire residues from walls, ceilings or other absorbent surfaces.
  • Don’t use carpeting or upholstered furniture affected by heavy residues or debris.
  • Don’t use food items or canned goods exposed to heat.
  • Don’t turn on computers, TV’s, stereos or electrical appliances until they have been cleaned and checked.

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