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Salt Lake City water damage restoration

Liberty Restoration Flood Damage Services in Salt Lake City

Issues like defective plumbing can lead to flooding, which frequently results in hefty water destruction inside your home. These scenarios call for a speedy response from trained specialists like those from Liberty Restoration in Salt Lake City.

Taking care of flood or water damage requires more effort than household methods. Significant to serious damage gets into subflooring, drywalls and layers under your property that aren’t as easy to take care of without help. Without trained assistance, chances for mold development and permanent water damage increase.

Unfortunately, water damage isn’t something you can ignore for too long. The Liberty Restoration emergency cleanup specialists repair the damage to revive your property to a comfortable state in no time.

If you’re looking for flood and water damage contractors near Salt Lake City, Liberty Restoration is the group for the job. Our knowledgeable professionals leave businesses and homes better than they found them. Call Liberty Restoration now. We always act promptly, professionally and efficiently.

How to Handle Water Damage at Home

After experiencing a flood, remember these guidelines before the professionals arrive:

  • Set up dehumidifiers around the wet area
  • Place fans around to distribute the air and dry the area
  • Mop up as much water as you can
  • Use a coat hanger to lift draperies off the flooded area
  • Dry wet upholstery and elevate furniture on bricks with aluminum foil below furniture bases
  • Open all wet drawers to dry the chest and anything within
  • Relocate photos, documents and valuables to a level, dry location
  • Remove moist clothes and air them out
  • Remove wet books from shelves and open the pages for best results

Remember that there are also numerous things you should not do to avoid further damage:

  • Don’t use a household vacuum cleaner to get rid of water
  • Avoid using electrical devices on wet areas
  • Avoid stepping in flood water if the electricity around it is still on
  • Don’t try to lift the carpet up because it can cause reduction
  • Don’t wait to call a flood damage specialist, the longer you wait, the more damage will occur

Standing Water Repair and Restoration

Liberty Restoration operates from offices in Salt Lake City and St. George, enabling us to offer our services across the state with flood and other water damage emergencies. If your property has been affected by a problem like burst plumbing, flash flooding, damaged drainage or a cracked foundation, call Liberty Restoration in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Flood Damage Before & After Restoration

Any water damage is something we can take care of.We are the experts in flood damage restoration in St. George.
We take care of Utah water damage repair.We perform expert water cleanup in Salt Lake City.

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