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South Jordan water damage restoration

Who Do I Call to Repair My Flooded House?

Complications like broken plumbing can produce flooding, which frequently results in significant water damage inside your home. It’s important to call the right company that can clean up a flooded room. Liberty Restoration of South Jordan acts quickly with trained specialists who use proven repair techniques to repair flood damage caused by heavy rains.

You will need more than mops and a fan to treat flood or water damage in your house. Moderate to serious damage leaks into subflooring, drywall and the lower layers of your property that aren’t as simple to remove on your own. This remaining water can eat at your home’s foundation and increase the chances for mold development.

Ignoring damage caused by water can cost you significant time and money as a homeowner. The Liberty Restoration emergency cleanup professionals repair the damage to revive your home to a livable state quickly.

Liberty Restoration is famous throughout South Jordan for our superior restoration. Our knowledgeable experts leave properties in better shape than they were before. We act quickly, effectively and professionally. Call Liberty Restoration today.

How to Handle Water Damage at Home

If you encounter water damage in your home, remember these guidelines to warrant a proper restoration:

  • Install dehumidifiers around the flooded spot
  • Place fans around to circulate airflow and dry the area
  • Clean up as much water as possible
  • Use a coat hanger to raise curtains off the wet area
  • Dry damp cushions and prop furniture
  • Open all drenched drawers to dry the chest and anything within
  • Transfer photos, paintings and valuables to a stable, dry spot
  • Clear away damp fabrics and dry them
  • Remove wet books from shelves and spread out pages for the best outcome

Take it into account that there are also various things you should not do to fend off further impairment:

  • Avoid using a household vacuum cleaner to get rid of water
  • Avoid using electrical devices on soaked areas
  • Avoid stepping in flood water if the power around it is still on
  • Don’t try to lift the carpet up because it can cause contraction
  • Do contact a flood damage professional immediately

The Best Company for Affordable Flood Damage Restoration

Has your property been damaged by flooding from broken plumbing or a heavy rain? Liberty Restoration in South Jordan will help you out. Call 801-917-3803 today. Liberty Restoration can offer you affordable basement flood damage repair in South Jordan.

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