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Cleanup for sewage backup and issues in Provo, Ut

Sewer Backup Cleaning in Provo, Ut

Nobody would ever have fun discovering sewer damage in their home. Liberty Restoration serves the Provo, Ut area with assistance for this scenario, no matter if it’s from corroded pipes, toilet seepage or pipe blockage, Liberty Restoration is ready to fix it. Do not neglect this dilemma if you find it. Contact Liberty Restoration today to talk to a contractor and reverse the problem.

Sewage Issues

If you try addressing the mess yourself, it could make the situation harder to remove. That’s why it is essential to take the proper care to reverse the damage dilemma to prevent further issues. Sewage of all kinds contain bacteria and pathogens that may result in sickness.

The Liberty Restoration professionals start cleanup by cleaning up physical debris. Often, sewage repair can only begin once the spot has been cleaned. Armed with the right tools, we can start reversing any ruptures, leaks or cracks causing the problem. Our team does the drying-out and extraction procedures rapidly to prevent build up of mold or odor. If your situation is especially severe, we can perform updates to prevent growth of mold and other pathogens.

Responding to Sewage Overflow

It can be tempting to attempt to handle any sewage without the proper training and equipment. We recommend talking to a Liberty Restoration technician before acting. To protect your health, we advise using caution and following some best practices. You should:

  • Keep the contaminated area and your family safe by blocking off the area kids and pets.
  • If you must remove items from the area, use water resistant gloves and tough rubber boots.
  • Do not come in direct contact with affected possessions.
  • Any compromised fabrics should be doused in hot water or taken to a professional dry cleaner.
  • Upholstery, carpeting or mattresses with even a small amount of contamination should be disposed of.
  • Throw out all contaminated food that touches sewage water.
  • Always clean your hands with warm water and soap after being in contaminated areas.

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