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Mold remediation in Provo

Mold Remediation Service in Provo

If you find mold in your home, call Liberty Restoration at 1-888-334-6086

Mold can be described in various ways, but one word you won’t hear is fun. Regular cleaning and maintenance can go a long way to ensuring that your home is free of mold. But even the cleanest home can have a mold problem. Mold growth can follow unexpected flooding in the home or even living in humid temperatures. If you find mold, contact Liberty Restoration for professional removal services.

Through our proven mold removal services, our technicians can fully remove any type of mold from your home. We can also provide you with remediation techniques to reduce the chances of future mold growth. Check out our lists below to learn how to prevent and fight mold in your home. Receive affordable mold removal in Provo contact Liberty Restoration.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mold Remediation


  • Receive an expert assessment of your mold issues from a certified Utah mold removal and remediation professional.
  • Stay clear of all contaminated areas until a professional mold inspection has been completed.
  • Prevent any water from leaking onto the contaminated area.
  • If documents are contaminated and need to be salvaged, handle them very delicately to avoid spreading spores. Once they have dried completely, remove as much mold as you can with a high-efficiency HEPA vacuum. Use fully sealed plastic bags to dispose of the vacuum contents.
  • Try steam cleaning or a wet vac on contaminated carpeting. Until it is completely dry, make sure the area is fully ventilated. This should help keep mold from spreading.


  • Don’t touch or attempt to clean up large amounts of mold growth. This could cause invisible and dangerous spores to spread.
  • Don’t apply bleach to mold. There are safe and more effective antimicrobial products available. Bleach doesn’t only release harmful dioxins, but also evaporates before killing source colonies and viable spores.
  • Don’t use fans on mold. This could actually cause harmful spores to spread.

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Call Liberty Restoration now for immediate help with correcting your mold problems in Provo. Following a complete inspection, we will provide mold remediation and removal work that you can count on.

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