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Cleanup for sewage backup and issues in Ogden, Ut

Sewer Backup Cleaning in Ogden, Ut

Encountering sewer damage in your home is a terrible thing. Whether it’s a blocked or corroded pipe or seeping toilet, Liberty Restoration helps the Ogden Ut area with sewer damage services. Do not wait to get help with this dilemma if you find it. Call Liberty Restoration now to talk to a professional to reverse the damage.

Sewage Line Hazards

If you try fixing the spill alone, it could make the situation worse. A situation that involves sewage is always a hard one, so it’s important to proceed carefully. Sewage of all kinds contain bacteria and pathogens that can cause sickness.

The Liberty Restoration professionals start sanitation by eliminating physical debris. Often, sewer damage repair can only start once the location has been cleaned. Next, we start sanitization steps to remove and counteract the hazardous sewage present in the sewage. Our staff performs the drying-out and extraction procedures rapidly to prevent mold and odor growth. In dire situations, Liberty Restoration can perform mold removal to prevent worse issues.

Keeping Your Family Safe

It can be tempting to try to handle any backup without a professional. We suggest talking to one of our contractors before responding. To protect your health, you can prep the scene for our staff by:

  • Quarantine soiled areas to prevent children or animals from tampering.
  • In the case you need to grab anything from the location, use waterproof gloves and rugged boots.
  • Avoid direct contact with touched possessions.
  • Any affected fabrics should be doused in hot water or taken to a dry cleaner.
  • Get rid of dirty items such as upholstery, carpeting and mattresses. Even a little residue in porous items can spread disease.
  • Do not eat or keep any food that touches sewage backup.
  • Always wash your hands with warm water and soap after being in contaminated areas.

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