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Mold testing and removal in Logan

Mold Remediation & Removal in Logan

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Mold is gross to look at, but it’s also very unhealthy. You can improve your odds of preventing mold in your home with regular cleaning. But that doesn’t mean that clean homes are exempt from these problems. Flooded basements, broken pipes, and wet climates can all lead to an ideal space for mold growth, sometimes in places you can’t even see. If you believe you have a problem with mold, it’s time to call Liberty Restoration now.

Our mold services are tested to fully eradicate mold from your property. Additionally, we’ll take the steps necessary to prevent future mold growth. Read our list of Dos and Don’ts below to learn how to fight mold in your home. Receive professional and affordable mold removal in the Logan area contact Liberty Restoration.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mold Remediation


  • Get an expert assessment of all mold issues by calling a certified Utah mold removal and remediation professional.
  • Ensure that a professional mold inspection is completed before going near any contaminated area.
  • Keep all water away from contaminated areas.
  • If documents are contaminated, handle them with care to avoid spreading spores. After they have dried completely, use a high-efficiency HEPA vacuum to remove as much mold as possible. Use fully sealed plastic bags to quickly dispose of the vacuum contents.
  • For contaminated carpets, use steam cleaning or a wet vac. Until it is completely dry, make sure the area is fully ventilated. This should help keep mold from spreading.


  • Don’t touch or attempt to clean up large amounts of mold growth. This could cause millions of spores to quickly spread.
  • Don’t put bleach on mold. Bleach will evaporate before it can kill viable source colonies and spores. More effective antimicrobial products are available.
  • Don’t place fans on mold. This could actually cause mold spores to spread.

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Make your home safer and healthier by calling Liberty Restoration for help with your mold problems in Logan. We will provide an expert assessment and start your mold removal and remediation work as soon as we can.

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