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Boardups after damage from fire and smoke in Logan, Ut

Board-Up Services in Logan, Ut

In the aftermath of a big fire or natural disaster, it can be to know how to react. Losing your home or business is devastating and such a huge blow can leave you dazed. Do you know what to do next? In these scenarios, getting assistance quickly is important to removing the damage. Liberty Restoration assists people in similar situations in Logan and throughout Ut. From healing to flourishing, we will get you through the process safely.

Emergency responders may put out the flames, but once they leave your property, it is susceptible to the elements. Board-ups are important to keep rain and snow from the fire damaged home, but also deters any potential intruders from coming into your home in Logan. Threats like these turn your property into the perfect environment for mold growth which worsens the situation.

When you get a board-up from Liberty Restoration, our professionals will block gaps created by the fire as well as windows and doors. The plywood we use to board-up your property is tough, affordable and long lasting. It can also be easily removed once you’re ready to restore your property.

Along with board-up services, Liberty Restoration also offers remodeling help. Just because your home or business has been through a fire doesn’t mean it’s entirely lost. Get through this challenging time with real renovation help from skilled specialists.

Why Board-Up?

Even if a fire wasn’t the cause of your home’s damage, storms and floods can also lead to boarding-up windows or doors. No matter what it was, leaving your home open to the elements is asking for further damage. Board-Up services also keep vandals and thieves away from tampering with your property as well. For seriously weather-damaged properties or simple broken windows or doors, call Liberty Restoration to get board-up services. We work fast to install the emergency boards and more quickly to replace your doors or windows.

Get Liberty Restoration

Liberty Restoration can send a board-up team to you in an hour or less of your phone call. Ask Liberty Restoration for assistance and begin recovering.

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