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I Smell Sewage in My House, What Do I Do?

Are you experiencing that rotten, unpleasant odor in your home? It’s most likely sewer gas. Not only is sewer gas unpleasant, but exposure to it can have negative effects on you and everyone else living in your home. It can cause irritability, headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizziness and poor memory.

While the situation is serious, fortunately, having a sewer smell in your house is something you can probably take care of yourself. The biggest obstacle you’ll face is determining where the smell is coming from. In this post, we’ll cover the most common culprits of sewer smells to help you diagnose the problem yourself.

Dry P-Trap

What is a P-trap? Take a look under your sink and you’ll see a curved part in your piping. That is the P-trap. What the trap does is it holds water to create a natural barrier which holds back sewer gases and prevents them from entering your house. If there’s no water in the trap, then sewer gas can go through the pipe and leak into your home.

To diagnose the problem think about your home for a minute. Is there a shower or a toilet that doesn’t get used often? These instances are often prone to dry P-traps but the solution is easy. What you’ll want to do is refill the basin in the trap. You can do this by pouring water down the drain or, if the toilet is the problem, give it a flush.

Deteriorated Wax Ring

Another common cause of sewage smell is a deteriorated toilet wax ring. If your wax ring is bad, sewer gas will be able to leak through the drain beneath your toilet. Diagnosing a bad wax ring isn’t hard. You’ll know if it’s deteriorating because your toilet will either become slanted or have a wobble to it.

To fix this issue, you’ll disassemble the toilet, replace the wax ring around the flange and put the toilet back together.

It Could Be a Vent Leak

The plumbing vents in your home are designed to flow through the walls and vent through the roof. If there is a leak in the pipes, this is where things can get complicated because the pipes don’t leak water— they leak gas.

Since it’s difficult to find a vent leak, it’s recommended that you hire a professional. A licensed professional will be able to use a smoke machine in order to pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

Who We Are

Sewage damage can be a serious issue, but Liberty Restoration can help. As a company that specializes in disaster cleanup services, we can help you with any sewage remediation and sewage restoration. If you experience any sewage backup, give us a call at 801-917-3803. We can take care of the rest.

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